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Case Studies

  • WHITE64 & Visit Fairfax

    Visit Fairfax approached us with a problem: How could we […]

  • Dalton & SCAD

    This submission demonstrates that strong campaign performance and stand-out creative […]

  • Custom Media & Greenpeace

    Helping Greenpeace Make the Earth a Better Place, One Car […]

  • Rinaldi & Subaru

    Our mission at Rinaldi was clear: differentiate Subaru in the […]

  • WHITE64 & [solidcore]

    Our client, [solidcore] was rapidly expanding their business and they […]

  • True Media Canada & Toronto Animal Services

    Explore Minnesota Tourism needed to drive tourism ROI. With ad-influenced […]

  • True Media & Minnesota Tourism

    Explore Minnesota Tourism needed to drive tourism ROI. With ad-influenced […]

  • Stratitude & Chas Everitt

    The South African real estate industry is saturated with competitors […]

  • Signal Theory & John Deere

    Women account for 30% of all farmers in the U.S. […]

  • Meyocks & Hy-Vee

    What do you get when you combine nine different flavors […]

  • ISC International & Sarawak

    The lingering effects of Covid on tourism in 2022 prohibited […]

  • Gatesman & CORE

    CORE or the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, a […]

  • Gatesman & Pace

    SITUATION Pace Bus, the premier suburban transit provider in the […]

  • DPR & Co & VisionLink by Caterpillar

    VisionLink® by Caterpillar When it comes to customer outcome-focused brands, […]

  • Doe-Anderson & Maker’s Mark

    The holidays are the most popular time to drink bourbon, […]

  • Cronin & Webster Five Bank

    Webster Five Bank THOUGHTFUL CUSTOMERS campaign. As a small bank […]

  • Cronin & Fred Hutch Cancer Center

    Fred Hutch Cancer Center LOOK BEYOND brand campaign In 2022, […]

  • Campagne & Nationale Klimaat Week

    What a great case from Campagne in The Netherlands. Check […]

  • Bailey Lauerman & Bosch Tools

    WHAT HARD WORKERS DESERVE Bosch Tools are designed for the […]

  • Bailey Lauerman & Bosch

    NIGHT EYES Priced above the category and sold only through […]

  • Avidly & Saka

    The used car trade in Finland isn’t known for quality […]

  • Rinaldi & Poppers

    In January 2022, Poppers, amidst a saturated Quebec alcoholic beverages […]

  • Onads Communications & Kraus Jeans

  • OnAds Communications & Bajaj

  • Avidly & Saka

    “Yes Yes!” campaign & TV commercial – How the conventions […]

  • H/L & Toyota

    When H&L Partners drafted a promising, but relatively unknown San […]

  • Bailey Lauerman & Kendall Motor Oil

    Those who pour Kendall Motor Oil know that with engines, […]

  • DPR & Co & Box Hill Institute

    Through the worst of COVID 19, Melbourne gained the unenviable […]

  • Cargo Agency & Lenovo

    Lenovo came to us with a worldwide launch of a […]

  • CVR & JD Sports

    CVR partnered with 3 other agencies in the network just […]

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Signal Theory Brings Home ‘Best of Show’ for John Deere “A Different Kind of Crown” Bangkok, Thailand --  October 11, 2023 — The Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN)  announces the winners of its third annual “Globey Awards” presented last night [...]