iO & Länsförsäkringar – 2024 Best of Show Globey Award Winner

With a decade into the boom of social media, its impact on teen mental health has become a subject of public concern, Länsförsäkringar, Sweden’s largest insurance company, embarked on a groundbreaking project. The goal was to explore and expose the connection between social media and mental health issues, ultimately improving children’s well-being. Together with a team of AI specialists, a neurologist and a psychology professor, we created Laika 13: the world’s first AI teenager who has spent 100% of her time on social media.
Laika 13 became a tangible example of where we’re headed and provided insight into how a screen-affected teenager thinks and feels.
Through interactive school materials and encounters with Laika, young people learned about the impact of social media.

Laika 13’s impact was profound; we managed to exceed its set goals by a landside:
• CTR: +150%
• Unique views: +32mio
• Brand association “Social responsibility”: +186% (+2,86% vs goal +1%)
• Top of Mind: +100% (+2% vs goal +1%)
• Pupils who want to reduce screen time: +50% (75% vs goal 50%)
• Behavior: schools accessing the materials: +290% (195 schools vs goal 50)

We strengthened the brand and helped 1000’s of teens understand social media’s effects on their mental health, helping them break destructive behaviors. Laika 13 garnered attention from health professionals and parents, sparking crucial conversations about digital well-being, reached media outlets worldwide and received requests for collaboration from various institutions. Laika 13 proved that a virtual teenager could make a real-world impact.

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