Agency Spotlight


Seattle, WA


Ben Allen
DCG ONE EVP and Managing Director

Ben Allen is an integrated marketing professional with 20+ years of both agency leadership and client-side experience.
Lead cross discipline teams focusing on lead gen, conversion and retention marketing initiatives for a variety of industries including travel and hospitality, software and financial services.

Name 1 fun fact about you, your agency, or market, that people might find interesting?

We’re a bit unique as an agency, as we’re incubated in a larger marketing services firm that specializes in a variety of print production, direct marketing and packaging and retail design development.
We started the agency with one person (me) at first with a goal to support our enterprise print clients, but over the years, based on client needs, the focus has balanced out to a even mix across digital, direct marketing and extended reality (AR/VR).
Having all of the capabilities in house (print production, mailing, package engineering, etc.) has really been a key differentiator for us and our growth.

What were your two greatest accomplishments of 2023?

After a hectic acquisition year in 2022 with GLG, one key accomplishment for us was fully integrating what was two very different agencies (systems, workflows, etc.) into a cohesive single agency team.
And on the client side, we were fortunate to significantly grow our American Express business and launched what was one of those “very long” projects – an immersive AR experience that highlighted a limited edition Delta Reserve credit card.

Name the best things about being an Indie! (Independent Agency)

We do what’s best for both our clients and our people — and put that first every day.
We don’t need to worry about reporting numbers to NY, which I remember never being a fun scenario to be in.

What do you wish clients could better understand to get the most out of their agency partner?

We’d love for them to understand that we’re there to listen – regardless if there’s a SOW or PO tied to a conversation.
We’d much rather have a client (and are fortunate to have the majority) give us as much internal detail and insight into their challenges and roadmaps so that we can better partner and provide smart thinking that’s rooted with client-provided information.

What does AMIN’s Mantra, “You’ve Got Allies”, mean to you in your own words?

For me, it’s knowing there’s others in the network that are jumping through the same hurdles, dealing with the same internal and external challenges and trying to figure out what’s what on a daily basis.
And with that in mind, I know that dropping a call or email to someone within the network will be responded to with openness and a true willingness to help.

What inspires you most as we move through 2024?

While there’s a lot of complexities and hesitation within the marketing (and broader) world, I know our team is excited to not just take on challenges we’ve seen in the past, but importantly, continue to learn, adapt and embrace with enthusiasm, all of the new tools (ahem, AI) that will continue to shape our industry.

Would you prefer a completely automated home OR a self driving car, and why?

We’d go with that self-driving car so we could take that time to read, nap or maybe even sip a coffee and catch up with a friend without having to worry about what’s in front of the car!

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