DPR & Co & VisionLink by Caterpillar

VisionLink® by Caterpillar

When it comes to customer outcome-focused brands, Caterpillar is an exemplar.
So much so, that every Caterpillar agency around the world subscribes to a set of standards that demand that every message is framed with the customer benefit at its core.
The challenge for DPR&Co with the VisionLink® campaign was that many of the customer benefits of the technology lie in data-enabled insights. And some of the data is incredibly specific, detailed and impossible to communicate as an attention-grabbing top-of-funnel message.
We needed a visual metaphor with the power to carry a higher-order customer benefit – one that would stand out from the crowd for its sheer impact.
We also needed a positioning for the technology that was original, but that was easy to connect with, highly relatable and that clearly distilled the customer value proposition.
We began with machines carefully choreographed in a non-descript location, then went to work with CGI stripping back the easily recognised Cat® yellow paint to reveal just how smart these machines are– a dramatic encapsulation of The Power of Knowing.
Originally slated for the EAME and Asia Pacific regions, the concept was quickly embraced across the global Caterpillar network. To date, we have created versions in 10 languages (and counting).
If the case for strong creativity in B2B advertising ever needed a champion, VisionLink® is it.

DPR & Co submitted this case study in the 2023 Globeys: https://youtu.be/8jEZnvvcCZE

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