Avidly & Saka

The used car trade in Finland isn’t known for quality cars or being on the side of the customer. There is even a term for the unaccountability of used car dealers: “tail light guarantee”, i.e. the car seller’s liability ends the moment the tail lights leave the parking lot. Car buyers are understandably anxious and the volatile world economy isn’t helping.

Saka’s brand strategy is based on dedicated customer care and a carefully selected range of cars. Typically, new cars are advertised with glossy car films, whereas used car dealers focus on touting their prices.

Against industry convention, Saka’s ads don’t feature any cars or prices. Ads focus on emotional value: There is a place to buy a used car where you don’t have to feel insecure.

At the core of Saka’s campaign were TV spots aired on television and online TV. Coverage was strengthened with video advertising on social media and YouTube. The campaign theme was also adopted to conversion-focused digital marketing.

The message went through. During the campaign period 18.4.–31.8.2022 more than 13,400 people bought a car from Saka. It’s +8.1% more than previous year. At the same time the entire used car trade market fell by -12.9%. The growth in relation to the market was therefore +21%. Saka’s market share increased by +17%.

Saka’s turnover increased to 571M euros, i.e. +12% in 2022. Saka was the only used car retail chain in Finland whose sales increased.

Avidly submitted this case study for the 2023 Globeys: https://youtu.be/WQ1SLmXqiXM

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