Campagne & CVR & Jun Märkl – 2024 Most Collaborative Globey Award Winner

Not only big clients are important in collaboration between agencies. Also a small case can give you that great vibes: this is a perfect example of a collaboration between two well-known agencies in the global AMIN network, based on true added value, and it exceeds long lasting campaigns, activation programmes or propositions with a beautiful production or presentation: in the heart of collaboration lies trust, dedication, and a shared vision for excellence.

Meet CVR from Indianapolis USA and Campagne from Rotterdam in The Netherlands. A dynamic duo with a history of successful ventures, including projects for brands like Allison Transmission, JD Sports, and Carrier airconditioning and that also work together on smaller assignments and pitches of which we would like to give an example here. Our latest collaboration? Capturing the essence of world-renowned conductor Jun Märkl, set to lead the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Witness the journey as Campagne steps in to immortalize Märkl during a mesmerizing classical concert in Maastricht in The Netherlands. Introducing the new conductor. Of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Accompanied by a talented team, Campagne traveled to Maastricht, capturing Märkl’s charisma and the essence of his upcoming venture in Indianapolis.

From interviews to captivating visuals, every moment was meticulously crafted to unveil Märkl’s story. The raw and rich footage was handed over to CVR, where creativity knew no bounds. Witness the transformation as CVR weaves this visual tapestry into engaging press releases, website features, and social media content, setting the stage for Märkl’s grand arrival in Indianapolis.

Together, CVR and Campagne epitomize collaboration at its finest. A narrative of trust, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Stay tuned for the grand reveal of Jun Märkl’s symphonic journey with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

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