Cargo Agency & Lenovo

Lenovo came to us with a worldwide launch of a new line of commercial laptops designed for Gen Y/Z end users, today’s new workforce. This passionate, professional, bold, and purpose-driven audience doesn’t care about techs and specs. They want to know how technology can help empower them, enable them, and inspire them to achieve amazing results. We delivered the “ThinkBook. Do the Unthinkable” campaign. Playing off the brand’s “Think” legacy, we created three unthinkable stories of innovation, passion, and purpose to appeal to the audience’s desire to associate with brands who share their own values. The content series took centerstage in a multi-channel campaign. From channel sales enablement to social media, we inspired the new workforce by showing them how technology could help them achieve their own success. The campaign just launched in North America this spring, with plans of a full global localization and rollout this summer. The client is already talking about how we can extend this global brand platform into numerous other activations next year and beyond.

Cargo submitted this case study in the 2022 Globeys:

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