Bailey Lauerman & Bosch

Priced above the category and sold only through select auto parts retailers, Bosch Wiper Blades were losing market share to lower-priced brands. We needed to re-establish Bosch as the category’s technology leader to justify their premium pricing. To offer something new and different in this parity category, Bosch created Night Performance Wiper Blades, wipers that cut through and reduce the blur and glare that occurs while driving on stormy nights. The net result: These wipers help you see better on stormy nights than other wipers.

So we created an advertising campaign to promote a key insight – Bosch improves night driving vision. So much so, in fact, it was as if they gave you the eyes of a nocturnal creature. And that’s what this campaign brought to life – we showed people with animal eyes driving on stormy nights safely. TV and online video was supported by digital, radio, and influencers. We helped drivers really see our product benefit and campaign theme: “Night vision has evolved.” Thanks to this new campaign, not only was the road easy to see, so were all the successful results.

Bailey Lauerman submitted this case study for the 2023 Globeys:

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