Rinaldi & Subaru

Our mission at Rinaldi was clear: differentiate Subaru in the automotive industry and emphasize safety, capability, and reliability, the core attributes of Subaru vehicles. Our vision was to establish Subaru as the top choice for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, offering vehicles tailored to local drivers’ vibrant lifestyles.

This vision led to the “Quebec is…” theme, showcasing our stunning geography for various activities. We used Quebec’s natural beauty as an ambassador of adventure. The concise phrase “Quebec is…” followed by captivating facts about the province formed a distinctive campaign, encapsulating both Quebec and Subaru. If you are advertising to the Quebec market, and for your brand to be well perceived, we needed to be as inclusive as possible.

In a year, we had 330+ newspaper insertions in Greater Montréal and Québec, 35+ placements in outdoor and sports magazines, monthly template updates, 10 months of radio presence, 9 months of TV exposure in both English and French markets, sponsorship of the Montréal Auto Show and Ironman Mont-Tremblant, and the transformation of mountain cabins with a VIP Subaru parking enclave.

The outcome? Thanks to Rinaldi’s ingenuity, Subaru achieved remarkable results: a 27% surge in website traffic, an impressive 75% boost in the conversion rate, and a substantial 5% uptick in annual sales. Subaru secured a commanding 5.2% market share, the highest in Canada. This campaign showcases strategic brilliance and impactful execution and we remain proud of our team’s effort to generate value for Subaru in Quebec.

Rinaldi submitted this case study for the 2023 Globeys: https://youtu.be/nrdK8eIbGCI

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