The Advertising & Marketing Independent Network (AMIN) Worldwide gives you allies around the globe who all want to see you win. They share their years of strategic knowledge, their insights into technology and sometimes even their biggest talent. As an AMIN agency, you have powerful, knowledgeable, trusted allies.

What AMIN Offers


Learn from other smart agencies. Whether it’s best practices, services, technology or even a client’s industry, there’s a partner in the network with experience.


Be a part of something bigger. Leverage feet-on-the-ground-insights from partners all over the world to evolve your business model and grow your agency.


Lean on trusted agency partners that are just like you. Take a look behind the scenes at others’ successes and, yeah, even their failures too.


Leverage the benefits of a network, while retaining your independence. Gain access to strategic thinkers and creative doers, without the red tape and nonsense.

What’s Happening Now

New AMIN Member Agency: Brandigo China

The AMIN Worldwide APAC team are thrilled to announce our new China member, Brandigo China, a Shanghai-based full-service agency with a team of around 15, servicing local and international brands including Costco, Henkel, DSM, Boeing, Grace Chemical, Chemours, National Instruments, [...]