WHITE64 & Visit Fairfax

Visit Fairfax approached us with a problem: How could we make Fairfax County the go-to summer destination for Philadelphians? With other major cities within driving distance like Baltimore, D.C., and New York City we needed to find something unique about Fairfax County that would entice Philly natives to drive past them.

In our research, we discovered various similarities between Philly and Fairfax like our rich histories, affordable attractions, world-class shopping, and more. This led us to our insight that Fairfax County is like a home away from home.

With this in mind, we came up with our creative concept: Fairfax County is for Philly Lovers. It celebrates all the things we have in common from our Founding Fathers to our beloved Eagles and even our Rocky Steps, while embracing the qualities that make us different.

Through OTT, radio, Spotify, standard and mobile billboards, in-person activations, social, and placing Virginia’s iconic LOVE letters in the Fashion District, we managed to make a name for Fairfax County in Philadelphia.

With positive reactions like “Next time I’m in Virginia, I’m going to Fairfax County!” and “I didn’t know there was so much going on in Fairfax County,” it’s safe to say that we’ve made an impression on the City of Brotherly Love.

WHITE64 submitted this case study in the 2023 Globeys: https://youtu.be/vfGt0CaQQuY

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