Avidly & Saka

“Yes Yes!” campaign & TV commercial – How the conventions of the used car sector were overturned.
In the challenging used car dealership sector, Avidly asked its customer Saka to pursue a completely different marketing strategy from industry conventions.
While competitors focused almost exclusively on tactical price advertising and showing cars, Saka followed its instincts and research results – and created brand advertising that doesn’t show cars or prices at all.
Instead it brands Saka as a sales service organization.
Most of the time customers visiting a car dealership kick tires in vain, as salespeople ignore them.
In the case of Saka, the situation is truly different.
Based on in-depth customer research, the service-minded approach of Saka’s salespeople and their ability to fulfil customer wishes was highlighted as the company’s strength compared to their competitors.
It was time to break the convention in the industry and let people know that Saka is the service oriented used car dealership.
The campaign was based on commercial films seen on the broadcast and online/social media channels most heavily favored by the target audience of men aged 25-54.
The theme of the brand campaign was also implemented as part of Saka’s ongoing, conversion-focused digital marketing strategy.
The results were mind-blowing.
The 2021 campaign and “Yes yes!” commercial films affected both the consumers and the competitive field of the whole industry.
Even during the covid era, Saka gained a 25.5% sales growth during the summer 2021 peak season, whereas the whole market declined by 4.61%.

Watch the video for the Globey Submission here: https://youtu.be/dvhYMkbK4_U

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