Signal Theory & John Deere

Women account for 30% of all farmers in the U.S. Yet many people still see farming as a profession for men. This isn’t helped by brands, most of which fail to show a diverse representation of farmers in their advertising.

With this video, we wanted to celebrate today’s women in agriculture, while encouraging the next generation to follow their passion into the field. Told through the lens of the holidays, “A Different Kind of Crown” tells a story of humanity and empathy, while showing how stereotypes can be just one of the challenges women face when trying to break into farming.

For John Deere, this marked a significant shift from previous types of advertising. Whereas the brand previously focused more on selling equipment, this spot highlights the company’s purpose, values and stance on inclusivity. To ensure our spot was seen, we chose to launch it during the holiday season — traditionally the slowest time of year for farmers. That meant a more captive audience as more farmers and their families were on their phones, tablets and computers. To date, the video has gained more than 71 million impressions – mostly earned – and a 100% positive sentiment score, according to Infegy media analytics.

Signal Theory submitted in the 2023 Globeys:

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