Custom Media & Greenpeace

Helping Greenpeace Make the Earth a Better Place, One Car at a Time

Greenpeace had been working on a petition drive to push Japanese automakers to make more fully electric vehicles, rather than just hybrids. These vehicles would help global efforts in reducing climate change and boost the auto sector’s image and sales. But in 2022 electric vehicle sales in Japan only accounted for 2.1% of total sales, compared to nearly 20% in Europe and China.

Greenpeace needed to educate Japanese people about the issue and solicit more signatures for the petition, so they asked Custom Media.

We developed an integrated solution that included an interactive, gamified survey that allowed visitors to our specially designed website to see how their vehicle choice influenced the environment—positively and negatively. The images for the survey were carefully designed to appeal to a younger Japanese demographic, with a style that inspired strong emotional responses. We also created a series of Instagram posts that achieved impressive organic and paid reach and drove traffic to the website.

Primed by the survey’s powerful effect, visitors were encouraged to sign the petition and make their voices heard. Our work dramatically boosted Greenpeace’s petition campaign and raised consumer awareness, arming them with the power to engage car makers.

The integrated campaign played a dynamic role in supporting Greenpeace’s efforts to improve the environment for generations to come. And change is coming: for example, in June 2023, Toyota announced an ambitious plan to ramp up electric vehicle production.

Custom Media submitted this case study in the 2023 Globeys:

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