Campagne merges with Scheepens

Campagne merges with Scheepens

Scheepens Your Creative Agency acquires strategicinterest in Campagne Rotterdam

The start of 2022 also marks the start of a special partnership between two household names in the world of communication: Tilburg-based Scheepens Your Creative Agency and Rotterdam-based Campagne. The latter will continue to operate under its own name but will become part of the Scheepens Creative Family.
‘Creativity, scale-related benefits and effectiveness will play an extremely important role if we want to remain a front-runner and offer our customers the best possible service in this ever-changing world of communication’, says Stefan van Hulten, Managing Partner at Scheepens.

‘This continuous change will probably accelerate further, and have an even bigger impact. Both Scheepens and Campagne have wanted to expand for quite some time, in terms of geography as well as activities, and that is what makes this such a fantastic step.’ André van der Meer, co-founder of Campagne, also sees it as a unique opportunity. ‘To make ‘major progress’ in the short-term, we decided to appoint Erik Kepper as Managing Director around eighteen months ago.

Considering his background at YouTube and RTL, this was a strategic appointment by our agency. With the same thinking in mind, we are now joining forces with Scheepens.’
With a combined total of over 75 colleagues, both agencies will become even more appealing to talented individuals, and it will be possible to bundle expertise to better serve customers. For example, Campagne and its customers will benefit from the media know-how of Scheepens and the expertise of content agency The Post Office, while Scheepens will have direct access to Campagne’s international network as well as its Rotterdam roots.

About Scheepens
Scheepens, which is primarily known for its retail expertise, has been able to successfully modify its strategy over the past decade. ‘In the meantime, the integrated in-house approach for creation and campaign management is also working very well for non-profit communication, like for IKPAS, Stichting Kijkwijzer and the government.’ However, Van Hulten and partner Alt-Willem Spenkelink have also spent a lot of time working on a multi-label approach recently. ‘A very practical approach appears to work well for video as well as social, where we work on a subscription basis with The Post Office. This means we can use experts from various fields to assist our clients, while also offering scale-related benefits in terms of specific market and customer know-how,’ say the Tilburg-based entrepreneurs.

About Campagne
Campagne has been well-known in Rotterdam for many years but can, partly because it represents AMIN Worldwide in the Netherlands, access a much larger catchment area for its
customers. Being aware of international developments, wanting to connect and affect, and customer focus are all part of the Campagne DNA. Some 20 smart, strategic, hands-on professionals are engaged in developing effective, creative communication. ‘Because we are very familiar with our customers, and are closely involved with their business objectives, we are able to offer surprisingly effective communication solutions that support their strategies.’

For further information:
Scheepens: Stefan van Hulten,, +31 6 – 212 46 282
Campagne: André van der Meer,, +31 6 – 531 04 553