Maria Flemmich Suominen

Head of International Growth

Avidly | 044-319-0037

Maria Flemmich, 30, has been appointed Head of International Growth at Avidly. He has previously been the head of Avidly’s Turku office and a member of the Avidly Finland management team. The appointment strengthens Avidly’s own development as an international company and the office’s expertise in sales and marketing of Finnish export companies.

Maria Flemmich, who has worked in several international companies and managed several accounts at Avidly, states that it has not been easy for a company aiming at international markets to find a strategic office partner in Finland. The key question often arises is how to operate in the target market from Finland.

“At the moment, there is a lot of demand for an agency that helps companies internationalize. There are many medium-sized companies in Finland that would like to go international, but competent offices have not been available,” says Flemmich.

“When entering new markets, strong insight and market understanding in business decisions and comprehensive digital capabilities in both marketing and sales are decisive. In these, we are able to support our customer companies effectively.”

Flemmich’s up-and-coming career includes assignments on three continents and in different sectors. Fluent in several languages, Flemmich has a master’s degree in economics and a bachelor’s degree in political science.

“Avidly’s multi-faceted vision and know-how have been reflected in practice in Maria’s ability to lead creative work and develop Avidly’s already strong expertise in the field of marketing technology and sales,” describes Avidly’s CEO Jesse Maula about the appointment.

“In the future, Avidly will be the growth partner of increasingly international and international Finnish companies in both marketing and sales. Avidly’s strategic growth as an international operator now has a great leader and even more so from its own team”, Maula is happy.

Avidly has a versatile offering from strategy to implementation, and international work is done through its own studio network operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany, and through the international AMIN Worldwide network.