Relaunch of RotoQ – Roto

Developing a multi-level European campaign.


As international lead-agency wrw united is responsible for the strategic brand management as well as for all b2b and b2c campaigns and measures – above and below the line.

The agency was able to convince the client of its experience and capability in terms of strategy and consulting and conception and creation.


For the relaunch of RotoQ, the quality roof-window made by Roto, wrw united created a multi-level European campaign, comprising b-to-b and b-to-c measures. The particular challenge was to adapt the campaign to the country-specific conditions of the eleven European markets. In the focus of the communication concept we put the primary target group – the roofer.

We have to convince him of the customer benefits efficiency and safety and quality. This requirement can be taken literally. Consequently the roofer is staged as a hero, put in perspective by a modern and dramatic picture language. In this way we create a high potential of identification for the target group and give the self-confident statements for the product credibility. At the same time Roto takes the opportunity to reinforce its commitment to professional craftsmen and speciality retailers. In addition to trade-ads, sales-literature and a new microsite several measure-packages have been created in order to support the retail and the professional craftsman in their own communication activities.

Finally the campaign is completed by measurements that support the Roto-Sales in addressing the retail and the roofer.