Victorian Government

Encouraging Melburnians to make the move to Regional Victoria.


As the author of the Regional Marketing Strategy, DPR&Co was invited to pitch for the development of a campaign that responded to the strategy and that would engage those Melburnians with a pre-disposition to move to regional Victoria and help them overcome the most common barriers to action. To respond to the brief, DPR&Co initiated a partnership with regional agency GenR8. The partnership was successful in the bid and DPR&Co took the role of lead agency on the project.


The strategy was based on the following research driven insights:
• 11 percent of Melburnians indicate they want to move
• Hurdles and barriers to action include housing, employment, schools, access, networks/friendships

In addition to the strategic research that informed the campaign brief, benchmarking research was conducted prior to the campaign launch covering:
• Propensity tracking and;
• Campaign recall/residual

Other KPIs were established relating to:
• Regional Victoria Living Expo attendance
• Campaign response (web visits/metrics, enquiries to councils)

These KPIs have been tracked annually since the initial campaign went to air.

The Campaign

The campaign had 3 integrated components:

1. The primary Good Move campaign which was designed to overcome barriers to relocation
2. A campaign to attract Melburnians to the main campaign activation point – The Regional Victoria Living Expo
3. An online resource that enabled Melburnians to explore the diverse options regional Victoria offers

The Good Move campaign expression was case study-based, ensuring:
• Authenticity and the overt endorsement of credible, real people
• A compelling depiction of the diversity of the regional Victoria ‘offer’
• Seamlessly integrated with more detailed online content
• A relatively low production budget

The campaign was It was accompanied by templates which enabled deployment by local government agencies.


Campaign results included over 8,000 attendees at the first Regional Victoria Living Expo, rising to 11,000 by 2015. The campaign also recorded strong brand recall and residual in propensity-to-move measured among key target demographics. Web visitation was above benchmark with an increase in each year of the campaign.