Van Echelpoel goes… Manna


What happens when the newest video of a popular Belgian band gets hacked?

Van Echelpoel goes... Manna

Meet Manna

Manna is a fast moving, family-owned business that has been producing divine pasta sauces and condiments since 1935. The brand focuses on great taste, quality of the ingredients and convenience with families being their main target audience.

The Brief

Manna is well known for its qualitative range in which it tries to use the best products – from Italian tomatoes to Belgian beef. But how do we get this message across to future generations? How do we create awareness and likeability with students or young parents who don’t have the time to watch TV?

Following the Best performing video Award 2017 we won at the Digital Marketing Awards, the challenge was on to create another campaign that would draw attention and position Manna as a fun and challenging Belgian FMCG brand.

What was our strategy?

In times when fake news andv hacking seem to be the hot topics, we decided to use these elements in our next campaign. To create the buzz we were looking for, we decided to hack the newest video of popular Belgian band Van Echelpoel. Van Echelpoel was with his first single ‘Ziettemdoen’ (local slang which could be translated to ‘check ‘m out’). We decided to hack his second single ‘Waddistjom’ (‘what's your problem?’) in which people call him to get the party started.

In this song you can call “Jef" (being his first name). We changed it into “chef", being the guy you can give a call when you’re hungry. We launched the video via a special FB page we called 'Belgisch Gehackt’. You can see the result of the hacked video here. Only after one week we reached 47% of our target group via social media (with a minimum media spent). The hacked video was picked up by the media; giving it an extra buzz.

What happened next? Van Echelpoel decided to tell the true story via a short video he launched. Check it out here:

Why are we so proud of this project?

Once again we managed to create a playful campaign that was liked by our client and target group and was picked up by the media. We had lots of fun during the making and managed to get a very popular music artist to perform in our campaign. The result: a cheque of €20.000 we could hand out to a good cause ‘Clini Clowns’.

A new song, a new hoax and once again Manna being the brand that entertained and surprised our consumers and future generations with a modest budget, using social media and video.