Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors are one of those companies that you've probably have never heard of but they are a hidden gem of the highest order...


They operate out of seven countries and turnover in excess of £400m. The business is a franchise model, allowing true travel enthusiasts to compete with the major travel agent brands - in terms of both product and price - while giving their customers an unparalleled level of service. In fact, they have the highest NPS rating in the world. That's why they can truly claim "With us... it's personal". With over 800 TC's in the UK our task was to create a social media strategy for Travel Counsellors, designed to increase awareness of the business and what they do, and engage and inspire their audience to want to travel to far-flung destinations across the globe. This effort was in support of the large-scale investment they had already made us for creative across ATL channels including print and TV. We developed a set of content pillars to position Travel Counsellors as an expert brand who go the extra mile for their customers, and engage their followers to interact with the brand by running a series of inspiring competitions. By managing their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts we’ve been able to develop a consistent presence for the brand in the social space, grow their audience and increase engagement with their content.



Since taking on the management of the Travel Counsellors social channels, we’ve not only doubled the reach of their content, we’ve also seen the number of people engaging with their content double too. By gathering their Travel Counsellors’ inside knowledge and sharing it on social, we’ve positioned the brand as global experts. By maintaining an active and responsive presence on social, Travel Counsellors have become a hub for advice and inspiration that sees their audience coming back again and again.