The Danish Defence

Cross channel content created qualified leads.


Public created and launched a training app ”Train with the army” for The Danish Defence Academy that gave direct contact to potential recruits. Almost 200.000 people took up the challenge!
With a growing number of complex, international operations it is increasingly important for the Danish defence to recruit people with the right human and professional skills.
Activating the fitness trend of functional, bootcamp style military training as a peekhole into a normally inaccessible and secretive world: The training environment of top tier armed forces.



The app allowed potential recruits to mimic the exact training program hopeful cadets, enlightening them on the possibilities of a military education while also improving their readiness for the physically demanding training.
The app was launched through a comprehensive coordination of communications across channels: PR, social, TVC, digital and outdoor – and the attention converted to qualified applications through targeted direct email activities.
With 50.000 visits to the campaign site (twice the target), almost 100,000 permissions and 7.5 times as many downloads of the app as planned (#1 in the danish app store), it is safe to say that the campaign was a huge succes, and shows the power of activating contemporary trends in relation to driven marketing.