The Cat Rental Store

When the world's largest equipment rental network is in need of renewed attention in the EAME region.


The largest equipment rental network in the world was in need of renewed attention, a new positioning and better dealer engagement in the EAME region. To achieve this, together with partner agencies Simantel (USA), Thinking Juice (UK), Freshmind (RUS) and Wordsmith (TUR), B+G developed the « Rental Heroes » concept, conducted and coordinated a multi-country photo and video shooting and produced 25+ adaptable and region-specific print templates. This was completed by the design and implementation of an international Social Media Activation strategy by creating new online channels (FB, Youtube, blogs), and by developing multimedia content and ensuring Dealers’ training on social media and content creation.



Thanks to its flexibility and highly multicultural approach, the initiative encountered exceptional adoption by Dealers. The Social media objectives were surpassed by 200% in 2012 and all main dealers in the region now actively use social media channels and have adopted a marketing and branded content approach. Running for three years in the EAME region, the « Heroes » campaign has been adapted in 2015 together with our partner agency Simantel and is being deployed in the Americas and APAC region too.

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