Sun Pacific Cuties

The Original Fruit Snack


Mother nature knows kids have a sweet tooth. And there’s no better “fix” than the natural sweetness of Cuties. So mothers can say goodbye to the candy wars. Goodbye to unhealthy snacks. Goodbye to sugar highs that drive everybody up the wall.

This focused positioning brings to the targets’ minds the fact that Cuties’ flavor is the best answer to the candy cravings that all kids naturally have. It places the Cuties brand in unoccupied space with mothers that says, “We’re here to help.’’ Because the mouthwatering sweetness of Cuties can be compared to the sweetness of candy, it just works.

At the center of this is the opportunity to really own “sweetness” in a way that fits in the lives of consumers and underscores the natural goodness of Cuties.



“Knowing what I know now, If I had to make the same decision again, I would choose Bailey Lauerman again 100 times over.”
- Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, VP of Marketing at Sun Pacific Cuties