Ads so good, they go global.



The online betting space is brutally competitive. Wafer-thin product differentiation and product ubiquity mean that brand is almost everything. And a big component of Sportsbet’s stickiness as a brand is the immediacy of its communications – it is on-point for everything that happens in the world of sport in real time.

To achieve this speed-to-screen, Sportsbet created an in-house production and social media unit. But can an in-house team deliver the kind of world-leading creative quality to win in such a hot marketplace?


Speed, wagering and money equate to risk. So in-house oversight is vital for every Sportsbet message. But the best creatives work for brand agencies. Imagine if they could come together to create a seamless team.


DPR&Co teamed with Sportsbet to create a ‘hiho’ (half in-half out) relationship. Sportsbet’s creative head is a DPR&Co Creative Director. Our Sportsbet creatives are partially located in-house at Sportsbet. In fact, so integrated are the teams that there is almost no need for account management.

And at the heart of the team is DPR&Co, delivering online content, mainstream media advertising, social integration, print/out-of-home advertising and activations/stunts.


The quality of the creative speaks for itself. The success of the partnership has been staggering, with Sportsbet having attained Australia’s largest Facebook community and becoming the nation’s most recalled online wagering service.
Sportsbet is now a clear market leader and the darling of the Paddy Power group of companies. Our work is now seen in many countries – re-voiced and re-badged for local audiences – where it uniformly delivers the same success. The work has been lodged by Sportsbet for 3 Cannes awards this year.