Sabco cleans up with influencers


In the competitive and commoditised household cleaning category, Sabco is a stand out. But how do you create excitement about an untested volume dependent product without over-investing?

We developed an influencer marketing campaign to bring to life the performance qualities of a great product with the star quality of Super Blogger, Jess Dunn. The Flipagram video, shown below, proved to be highly engaging for Sabco's target audience. Yet not quite as engaging as Sabco Cleaning Calendar, also below, which became the top placed Pin for “home cleaning tips” searched on Pinterest globally.

Jess also conducted an Instagram giveaway saw consistently high engagement across the four weeks it ran on Jess's blog and had over 1,600 shares in the first week alone.

Sabco infograph AMIN


As proven by 25 million impressions, this campaign delivered original, high-quality content that resonated with Sabco’s audience.