Putting ESAB’s strength on display.

ESAB, a world leader in welding and cutting equipment, wanted to make a big impact at the world’s leading industry trade show in Essen, Germany – Schweissen & Schneiden. Knowing they’d have a sophisticated, global audience at their fingertips, ESAB wanted to tell their story in a fresh, thought-provoking way.


From world-class football stadiums to larger-than-life airport terminals, ESAB has been involved in many high-profile jobs across the globe. We thought this international trade show would be the perfect platform for sharing these successes, and so we conceived the theme “At the core.” This theme not only supported ESAB’s involvement in these projects, it acknowledged the fact that welding as a whole is crucial to the fabrication process. We began teasing ESAB’s impressive feats on pre-show materials. Then, when attendees arrived at ESAB’s booth, engaging graphics told each story in greater detail. The theme was also visually represented by a large, 3D version of the molecular-inspired logo at the show.



ESAB experienced a record-breaking number of attendees at their booth. The campaign also generated the highest number of trade show-related leads ever for ESAB.