Powerful product launch. Made To Order.

Bringing the new premium beans to the forefront of the Sheetz Bros. Coffee lineup


Coffee is a significant revenue driver for Sheetz, and the brand has a large and loyal consumer following. But, with coffee sales on the decline for the past five years, the launch of SBC was critically important for the brand. We needed to not only retain the existing customer base and increase frequency of visits among them, but also attract new customers who typically did not consider Sheetz for their food and beverage purchases.

Planit launched a proactive public relations strategy to increase awareness of the new premium coffee line and garner credible reviews. The strategy was centered around generating awareness and media exposure for the new coffee with the long-term goal of increasing sales on a cups per day, per store basis. Also key for the campaign was educating consumers about SBC and the added value of the new blend. Planit’s mission was to position Sheetz as a quality cup of coffee at a reasonable price point. Tactics included the development and distribution of a branded coffee introduction kit to local, regional, and national media; blogger outreach; media relations; social media; a live Periscope event featuring key Sheetz spokespeople; and a series of coffee truck events during which the Sheetz coffee truck surprised morning TV crews across Pennsylvania with coffee and Sheetz treats.


Sheetz saw an 11% increase in coffee sales across 500+ locations and over 92 million media impressions between August 25 and October 1, 2015, including: national coverage from The Associated Press, national media interviews with Sheetz spokespeople, a highlight in a USA Today article, and inclusion in HLN’s Morning Express—a nationally broadcasted segment.