Plasti Dip


After creating a fun fan site for Plasti Dip, KC got down to business. Earlier this year we were tasked with designing a new website for Plasti Dip International (PDI), a Minnesota-based company specializing in protective coatings and adhesives.

The company has changed and grown over the last forty years, but the website hadn’t kept up. We needed to design a site with a fresh look and clear structure without alienating customers familiar with the old site. User experience was key.

While preparing to kick off the project, we recommended two new website designs: one for consumers, and one for B2B. PDI functions as two brands in one, so it made sense to split the website into two to better serve two unique audiences: for consumer products such as Plasti Dip® and SuperGrip®, and for manufacturers and industrial users and distributors.

We needed to distinguish the two sites from each other while keeping them under the same umbrella brand, so we created two unique and complementary looks that each represent the existing brand look and feel for both Plasti Dip and Performix.

Both of the responsive websites also function a little differently for each target audience. The consumer website leverages the equity of Plasti Dip to introduce customers to their other lesser known home products, with usage tips and FAQs to inspire and educate customers. The B2B website was built around a functional mega menu design with industrial products broken down into categories and types of coatings to help users quickly navigate to the product that is best for their needs.

Plasti Dip 2


Now Plasti Dip has a sleek yet familiar look and feel for its brand identities, and the websites work harder at reaching the needs of consumers for home goods as well as manufacturers and industrial distributors.