Detecting problems, creating solutions.

Meet Niko

The Niko Group is an electro technical company active in lighting control, access and energy. Today the company offers intelligent state-of-the-art solutions throughout Europe.

The Brief

As result of a takeover, Niko obtained a full range of detectors and intelligent lighting solutions (more than 200 products) apart from their switches and socket outlets. They wanted to market their new range of detectors to their existing distribution channels where the brand was only known for its switches and not for its detectors. Niko wanted to boost its awareness with its new detectors division.

What was our strategy?

The campaign’s main target group are installers. However, wholesale also had to become well known with the new product range since they offer the new range to installers.

The challenge was to create a strong visual which would not only appeal all target groups, but also generate attention and at the same time explain the concept and functionality of a detector.

The new Niko detectors see fast and efficient, which is why we used an owl metaphor to explain the advantages of the Niko detectors. Owls are sharp, flexible and intelligent, as are Niko’s detectors.

Why are we so proud of this project?

The work we have done for Niko demonstrates our expertise and joy we find in creating campaigns that please the eye (quite literally this time) and can be used across different channels (360° you know:-). With this strong campaign Niko enters a market with huge success. How bloody brilliant is that?