Nebraska Tourism

Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice.


The promise of an enriching vacation experience expressed in a very natural and humble way. Wouldn’t that be nice.

“Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice.” is our newest campaign created to support tourism in a state that promises special moments in a surprisingly beautiful land. Each ad contains a narrative that paints the picture of an experience that is waiting to be discovered.

The campaign was constructed without the use of a traditional headline or even a logo, with the desired result being the sense that there is a genuineness to the Nebraska experience. And that one of the things that is “nice” about this state is that it is free from the commercialism that typically accompanies popular tourist attractions. In each ad, the photography and copy work together to tell the story around the benefit of taking the time to slow down, enjoy one another, and soak up what Nebraska has to offer.



“Bailey Lauerman is as passionate about its work as we are about our state. We are always asking them to raise the bar and they continually rise to the challenge.”
- Kathy McKillip, MPA, MS, CDME, Executive Director, Nebraska Tourism Commission