How do you reach an audience that has been long ignored? For far too long sports fans have been given a particular look, generally male and definitely not moms. Well … the sports fandom isn’t a solely male-dominated domain, and we thought it was time to highlight all the lady fans out there. The ones that never miss a game, can quote stats in seconds, and love their family JUST slightly more than their teams … which is A LOT. Enter Julie, committed mom, unstoppable Angels superfan, and Mike Trout enthusiast! Our new campaign thrusts viewers into her infectious, enthusiastic world ­– full of family, fun, and of course Angels Baseball. Through Julie, we’re inviting a brand new audience of women to come to the park and enjoy not just what happens between the lines, but beyond them. The helmet nachos, the family photos, the crazy superstitions, the Rally Monkey, the showing off of the bedazzled custom-made bag that took 4 hours to make but was worth it because it’s the envy of Angels fans everywhere! Because after all the experience of going to a baseball game is so much more than the action of the field, it’s the sights, the sounds, the food, the tradition, and ultimately it’s the building of memories and connecting with family, friends and America’s Pastime.