Marshall Amps

Marshall Amps are the most famous guitar amp brand in the world. Founded by the Father of Loud Jim Marshall, their story is something of a legend in the industry.


But like so many brands that trade on a rich heritage, what once was gleaming had become tired, and their appeal had become limited to professional and serious players. The market had changed. Rock, their area of authority, had lost its appeal, and it was time to find a new, more inclusive proposition that was less genre dependent, but still true to the brands heritage and beliefs. Following extensive global research of new players and established guitarists, we learned a huge amount about the shared passions on them and the Marshall business. Not just a love of music. But a lifelong dedication to music, and the lifestyle.

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So, #LIVEFORMUSIC was born, along with a range of new tools, touch-points, content and tools. It launched with great success, won numerous awards and immediately connected the brand to the next generation guitarist and non-playing music lovers. We dived into the heart of Marshall to tell their unique story through product demonstrations, artist led advertising and the stories about how the product is designed and made… but on a challenger brand budget. Our success with Marshall’s brand and content has been a huge source of pride for the agency. We won numerous awards for the work, but most importantly engagement with the content has been at the highest level the brand has ever experienced.