Maker’s 46

After 50+ years of selling one product, Maker’s Mark decided to launch a new, higher-proof variant to attract drinkers seeking bolder, more complex whiskies.


After two years in market, the line extension was only modestly successful. To accelerate growth, the company made the decision to invest in a marketing campaign that clearly articulated the unique differences. The goal was twofold: to command a higher retail price than original Maker's Mark, without cannibalizing the base brand or making it seem inferior to the new product.

The “Bold Side of Maker’s” campaign communicates how Maker’s 46 begins its life as "original" Maker’s Mark but is then finished using a complicated process that yields a more complex, bolder-tasting bourbon while retaining the easy drinkability of Maker’s Mark. Like the product, the campaign extends the base brand’s approachable personality into a bolder space, elevating both Maker's Mark and Maker's 46 without placing one above the other.

Targeted messaging and creative executions were developed for the specific channels and publications most relevant to our audience.



A campaign that exceeded forecasts for the Maker’s 46 product, while driving continued growth of the original Maker’s Mark product. All Maker’s 46 growth was attributed to stealing share from other brands.

• Launched the first Maker’s Mark product in 52 years

• Maker’s 46 volume up 24%, value up 28% (Nielsen Data – 13 weeks post-launch)

• Maker’s Mark volume up 5.2%, value up 7.3% (Nielsen Data – 13 weeks post-launch)