Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Always Exploring


After manned space missions stopped launching in 2012, many assumed the Kennedy Space Center was actually closed. In fact, it’s a thriving, working site for NASA and houses an amazing Visitor Complex that fascinates visitors and inspires their love of exploration and discovery.

Our Cultural Insight uncovered that, even though NASA had lost some top-of-mind awareness, interest in space was hotter than ever, fueled by pop culture, society’s focus on technology and STEM education. People were more interested than ever in space, but didn’t connect Kennedy Space Center as an outlet for this passion.

Equipped with these insights, Peter Mayer developed a brand tagline, “Always Exploring,” and a comprehensive campaign that delivered an implicit promise: If you love space and are interested in its exploration – past, present and future – here is where you need to be. The campaign surrounded users during their trip planning phase to Orlando, as well as on the ground once they arrived. Since the launch of the campaign, the Visitor Complex has experienced a 17% increase in year-over-year visitation.