Jim Beam

The idea was simple: to make everyone who visits the distillery an honorary Beam.


We created an iconic, 12-foot-tall barrel that housed a photo booth. Visitors to the distillery can have their photos taken in this booth to start the process of becoming a Beam. Their photos are reformatted into a woodcut just like the seven portraits that appear on the side of every bottle of Jim Beam White. This image then becomes part of a custom Jim Beam label, with the visitor’s surname replaced with “Beam” – so John Smith becomes John S. Beam. The labels are printed instantly, so that visitors can then purchase a bottle of Jim Beam on which to attach it – and share with friends via social media.



Big barrel, bigger family.

• Thousands of customer data information captures

• Hundreds of incremental cases of personalized bottles sold at very favorable margins

• A successful pilot that will be rolled out into other regions