Hosparus needed help getting healthcare decision makers to take action regarding life’s most difficult topic: its end.


Our key to success was making sure that a call to Hosparus wasn’t seen as “throwing in the towel.” Our tone was reassuring and pragmatic, depicting a positive final outcome to life’s journey. Our call-to-action, “The earlier you call, the more we can help,” underlined the urgency and made the desired behavior clear and compelling.

Our media and creative strategy sought to engage both spouses and children as our research showed that both were critical in end-of-life care decision-making. The message was packaged in a new, more polished visual identity, enhancing both visibility and credibility.



Making an important story more easily heard.

• 10% increase in year-on-year referrals

• 12% increase in year-on-year admissions

• 18% increase in average length of stay