Honda Power Equipment

20% Growth in a Single Year.



Traditionally, the power equipment category had been awash with brands outbidding each other on features, benefits and price. The market skew toward ‘big box’ retailers such as Bunnings had created a point of vulnerability for Honda – a brand determined to support its products with a well organized
and distributed parts and service network. Limited resources and a seemingly intractable challenge clearly pointed to the need for innovation in our approach to the brand.


A combination of brand research and dealer interviews led us to the insight that once a brand relationship with Honda in this category was established, it was unusually enduring.


So our innovation was to shape our client’s advertising as if it were an enthusiast product, giving potential buyers the notion that, by buying Honda, they were buying into not only a brand, but more a cohort.


The Love My Honda campaign resulted in an all time sales record with over 112,000 units sold across Australia over the ensuing year (an uplift of almost 20 percent).