HAVEP - You'll never work alone.

Meet Havep

HAVEP is a multinational organisation which has been active in the design and production of work wear and protective wear for the agricultural, chemical, logistics and services sectors for over 150 years.

From its headquarters in the Netherlands, it serves customers throughout all of northern Europe and has its sights firmly set on securing future growth.

The Brief

HAVEP’s communication had been lacking a clear sense of direction in recent years. Hence the need for a new positioning and a new communications plan. This went hand in hand with a revamp of the company’s appearance (logo, house style, all on and offline communication, website, etc.) in support of the new message. Mosquito was asked to bring about this complete transformation in just a few months’ time.

What was our strategy?

Our strategic approach was based on HAVEP’s strong service orientation and dedication to making its customers’ lives easier. As such the company does a lot more than just supply work clothing. This crucial differentiator was captured in the company’s new slogan: ‘You’ll never work alone’ and implemented by Mosquito via a broad range of channels. To launch the company into the next 150 years.

Together with HAVEP, Mosquito meticulously analysed every element of the company’s past communications and evaluated their value and contribution. The resultant strategy was therefore not a pure transition to a new look & feel but rather a specific filling in of each channel, both visually and with respect to content. With a clear goal in mind: to enable the entire network to not only see but also experience HAVEP’s transformation.

Why are we so proud of this project?

This assignment formed the basis of what has since become an intense and wide-scale collaboration with the client. It was completed efficiently but also with a lot of enthusiasm, as testified by the impressive results achieved with a very unique communications mix. In so doing, Mosquito has ensured that HAVEP can shine throughout its entire ecosystem. And we can be very proud of being able to achieve this from behind the scenes. Magnificent photographic material and video footage also helped to cement HAVEP’s place as a justifiably leading player in the sector.