Hancock Bank/Whitney Bank

Katrina +10 Anniversary Campaign


The day after Hurricane Katrina hit, senior leaders at Hancock Whitney bank gathered on the hood of a car and decided to do something extraordinary. With nothing but a card table and rolls of cash, they set up makeshift loan operations in parking lots to get Gulf Coast businesses and residents back on their feet. Flash-forward to today – the Gulf Coast is a vibrant residential and business community.

The Cultural Insight was all about the love of the backstory – we all love the power of a comeback story. This led us to a commemoration campaign to mark the 10-year progress and achievements of the region, thanking all who participated in recovery. The messaging struck a balanced tone of respect and inspiration, illustrating how the bank was resilient in time of crises and a leader in the ensuing recovery. Bank leadership rang the bell on the NASDAQ floor the morning the campaign launched, along with a Times Square NASDAQ Tower takeover, business-targeted print and digital executions, an immersive landing page, video content, and PR. Results included over 270K YouTube views, and impressive site engagement metrics.