Genghis Grill Mongolian Lottery Game Spurs Traffic Increase

Slingshot used the Mongolian Lottery game to drive to Genghis Grill stores.


Facing challenges with bringing in new users, Slingshot was tasked with helping drive traffic to the Genghis Grill stores. The creative focused on the concept of a Mongolian Lottery where users could “scratch-off” a virtual lottery card in order to win prizes from free appetizers to a trip for two to Las Vegas. We utilized social partners to promote the game and mobile partners to tie our advertising directly back to store visits, and therefore sales. For every dollar spent on advertising, we were able to drive $4.51 in sales!

The ultimate goal was to drive traffic to Genghis Grill, but we also knew there was an overall lack of awareness with the brand that needed to be addressed. Consumers were either unfamiliar with the brand in general or with the type of food that was served.

Our target was adults 18-49, emphasizing new customers and those who had been to a competitor (another fast food/fast casual Asian restaurant).

Internally, there was a lot of pressure. This was a brand new client on an extremely tight timeline who tasked us with driving actual visits. We had to turn around a media plan in about a week, while vetting new technology. We also needed to get it slated before the holidays hit, so that we weren’t competing too much with the Q4 clutter. We had a great idea about a lottery game, but didn’t have the budget to build something custom on such a short timeline.

While the overall goal was to drive store visits, we knew that we needed to drive awareness of the brand in order accomplish this goal. Also, foot traffic was something we wanted to be able to tie back directly to our advertising and due to the lack of technology in the Genghis Grill stores, we needed to do this via paid media versus working with their internal systems.

Genghis Grill had never been able to tie back advertising directly to store visits before, so this was an essential part of the campaign objective and overall strategy.

To address the lack of awareness, we decided to create a gaming option that included prizes to help draw consumers in to the brand. This was dubbed the Mongolian Lottery and had users “scratch-off” a lottery ticket that would reveal a prize, such as free appetizers or $10 off, all the way up to a trip for two to Vegas.

In order to house the scratch-off game, we used a 3rd party company that specializes in gaming platforms. This allowed us to use a templated form, while customizing to Genghis’ needs and provided direct access into the system to make changes or to look at results.

We utilized social in order to drive people to engage, including Facebook newsfeed ads and micro-influencers. On Facebook, in order to focus on new users, we excluded anyone who had already Liked the Genghis Grill page and targeted those who Liked Chinese food, Mongolian cuisine, or fast-casual restaurants. We optimized to cost per conversion, which ended up paying off as Facebook had the highest CTR and lowest cost per completed form.

Micro-influencers (those with between 1K-10K followers) were chosen based on their variety, blog content, age group, and proximity to a Genghis Grill. Overall, we engaged 21 influencers who posted about the Mongolian Lottery and about the meal. They were sent gift cards so they were actually able to go to Genghis Grill and redeem their prize. This resulted in 43 posts with over 98.3K engagements.

In order to tie back store visits to our ad campaign, we decided to run with mobile partners and use device location. We ran with both MobileFuse and YP in order to drive traffic to the locations.

From a targeting standpoint, we reached users based on their search behavior (e.g. casual dining), visitation behavior (e.g. had visited a competitor but hadn’t visited Genghis Grill), and geography (i.e. needed to be within a 3-5 mile radius of a restaurant).

Step 1 - Captcha

Step Two - The Game

After proving that they are not a robot, the player is presented with the game

Step One - CAPTCHA

When a user landed on the page, they verified they were a human via CAPTCHA

Step 2 - The Game

Step One - CAPTCHA

When a user landed on the page, they verified they were a human via CAPTCHA

Step 3 - The Scratch-Off

Step Four - The Form

Player completed the form with their name and email (with option to sign-up for Genghis Grill's newsletter)

Step Three - The Scratch-Off

The player then "scratched-off" the bowl, which revealed their prize

Step-4 - The Form

Step Three - The Scratch-Off

The player then "scratched-off" the bowl, which revealed their prize

Step 5 - The Thank You

Step Six - Redirect to Other Channels

Then we directed to either find a location or view the full menu

Step Five - The Thank You Message

Upon form submission, the player received a Thank you for Playing message

Step 6 - The Redirects

Step Five - The Thank You Message

Upon form submission, the player received a Thank you for Playing message

Genghis Grill Mobile Image


Our advertising drove 35,925 completed forms to the Mongolian Lottery game and 18,950 store visits! Assuming an average check of $25, we estimated that we drove $473,750 in sales. This is a 451% return on ad spend!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any previous benchmarks for comparison as Genghis Grill had never used this type of technology before, and was previously only measuring media by CTR. This was a big leap for them to be able to directly tie both completed forms and sales to advertising in order to prove out it’s worth to the franchisees.

However, we did compare store visits from people who had been exposed to our ad versus those who hadn’t and on average, we drove an 89% visitation lift! According to MobileFuse, the typical range for uplift is 20-40%, so Genghis Grill was more than double the industry average!