The Danish Health Authority

A campaign against alcohol abuse.


The campaign ”Hold back” increased awareness of new alcohol recommendations by two thirds in just 3 weeks. The annual alcohol campaign put a memorable face on a difficult message.

Grown men dislike being told that they ought to drink less. Even more so when the official recommendations people already knew are lowered further. That’s hardly welcome news - especially if the message is construed as a wagging finger from a meddling authority.



So Public chose a slightly different approach for the annual alcohol campaign: Instead of moralizing, we focused on a positive message: Even though Danish people are still drinking too much, more people are holding back. So rather than scare tactics about long term risks, we lent an immediate helping hand; Hey old chap, hold back on the liquor!
The concept was carried by the Danish actor Thomas Bo Larsen and was displayed across print, TVC and digital. Furthermore a community communication effort to anchor the campaign and enable the primary stakeholders to manifest the campaign locally, was rolled out.
After the campaign, almost 50% of Danes knew the new lowered recommendations - almost a doubling of initial numbers. And in the core demographic, more than half found the message relevant - and 1 of 3 intended to change their drinking pattern.