The Danish Association for the Disabled

The `Equal access´ app today makes it easy to find restaurants, attractions and hotels suitable for people with physical limitations.


With an App Public made already available data accessible and thereby made it easier for individuals to find places suitable for their individual physical needs.
Accessibility is crucial for more than 800.000 Danes. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find appropriate information about accessibility. Existing databases are complex to read and use. With thorough analysis of these data user situations and contexts were identified to cover various physical needs.
Public also designed a new logo for this purpose. It had referral to the known blue disabled logo, but now in green and the person leaning forward to indicate propulsion.



The App has just been released recently and it is yet too soon to reveal results. However the project has first of all succeeded in bringing many stakeholder with different agendas together and seconldy managed to integrate two og the largest Danish accessibility databases into the present App data structure.