Creating a Campaign to Say “No” to Amazon When Everyone Else Says “Yes”

Little Rock has beauty, brains and loads of personality, but it doesn’t meet the behemoth criteria set by Amazon for its new HQ2, so Stone Ward helped the Little Rock Regional Chamber “break-up” with Amazon before it had the chance to break up with Little Rock.


Using the opportunity as a chance to launch an economic development brand for the city, the agency helped create “Love, Little Rock,” a tongue-in-cheek campaign designed to share the city’s resources and benefits with site selectors. Starting with a full page ad in the Washington Post (owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) on the RFP deadline, “Love, Little Rock” became a rallying cry for residents to share the reasons they #LoveLittleRock.


In its first week, the #LoveLittleRock hashtag saw more than 10M impressions, and the campaign has been featured or mentioned in nearly 1,000 pieces of print, online and broadcast news coverage totaling more than 1.4B potential impressions since its launch. Most importantly, the campaign has caught the attention of national site selectors by positioning Little Rock as a city ripe for economic development.