CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Banking on the Human Connection.


Kansas City is inundated with banks. In fact, it is one of the most crowded financial markets in the United States. That landscape can make it tough to be noticed if you’re a member-owned credit union like CommunityAmerica. Unless, of course, you have something worth noticing.


To stand apart from the larger competition that outspends them 10:1, CommunityAmerica decided to change the conversation. While it’s not uncommon for a financial institution to talk about “wealth,” it is unusual for them to frame it in terms of relationships and experiences. That’s exactly what this plucky, not-for-profit credit union did. They redefined “wealth.”

They did this by changing how their members think about wealth by encouraging them to, first, embrace what fills their life with meaning. It’s a poignant point of view in the face of today’s financial uncertainty. A call to not focus on the accumulation of things, but on things of deeper significance like friends and family. From a community credit union steeped in the importance of financial peace of mind, this campaign is a reminder to take a moment and realize what really makes us wealthy.