Shooting the breeze again. (How to start a conversation with consumers)


Colt rifles were the standard in the military forces for over 50 years. Prior to collaborating with the Agency, Colt had a long standing government contract in which their entire inventory went to supply this order.

When government contract ended, Colt found itself with little marketing presence in the consumer space and desperately needed to re-connect with customers. Enter Dalton.

Dalton created a campaign to engage consumer audience, including a robust social media launch. We refreshed the brand look and overall feel while keeping classic, timeless elements intact.

We also conducted blogger outreach and media relations, including trial and evaluations.



Results were just as eye-opening: We secured retail placement at Wal-mart and other large retailers, and Colt became top selling rifle at Wal-mart. We grew Facebook from 0 to 379,000 fans in three years. And garnered more than 50 million online impressions from media relations.

Bottom line, we created conversation again with the shooting sports audience.