Bealls Relax Save Smile

Floridians flock to Bealls.


We do things differently in Florida. We wear board shorts in winter. Sport flip flops to dinner. Sip sweet tea from Flamingo-themed tumblers. Oh, and we love to shop and save.

Building on this research-driven insight, we created a unique brand that capitalized on the strengths of Bealls’ Florida presence and appealed to consumer desire to purchase clothes and accessories that fit a “Florida Lifestyle.”

As part of a 360 branding campaign, this spot captures the sun kissed feeling of living in Florida and how Bealls helps its customers relax. Save. And smile.


The work we did for Bealls Department Stores is a great example of our ability to assess a client’s business strategy, recommend a brand-building solution and translate it into an engaging, creative, effective communications plan. A plan that translated into immediate results: In year one, the campaign generated a 12% comparative increase over the prior year.