Audubon Nature Institute

Our World Changes Yours


Audubon Nature Institute is a collection of parks and attractions devoted to celebrating the wonders of nature through animal encounters. To drive visitation, Audubon wanted to convey to tourists that its attractions allow you to step into the world of animals, making them much more immersive than your typical zoos and aquariums. Plus, we needed to reinforce to locals that Audubon Nature Institute was a local prize, worthy of their pride and support.

The Cultural Insight we discovered was that tourists collect experiential merit badges: they want to create and preserve moments that will stand out in their social feeds, and ultimately, in their memories. Audubon’s unique venues allowed us to promise a memorable set of experiences. With the help of the campaign, Audubon beat its previous year visitation numbers and increased revenue by more than 10%, all within the first nine months.