Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce

Igniting a Movement to Bring the Pride Back to Skilled Trade Jobs


he Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce knows that pride and dignity go hand-in-hand with hard work — no matter what the job. For too long, we have downplayed the significant role of skilled labor plays in building not only a strong middle class but also America’s future. Because of this, there is a growing need for skilled labor in America as the gap continues to grow. In Arkansas, we are seeing the negative effects of this gap in the rural communities that many of us call home, and our client had a plan to help.



To change hearts and minds, the Stone Ward team collaborated with Chamber leaders to create a movement to change how Arkansans think about the job opportunities provided by skilled professions, persuade them to take action and grow awareness of the skills gap.

While the campaign is still in its early stages, Be Pro Be Proud is resonating with both students and influencers. Within the first three months of the campaign, some of our results are:

Over 20,000 impressions to since launch with over 1,600 requests for more information.
More than 3,000 visitors touring the mobile workshop.
Social media strategies have driven thousands of engagements with students, parents and stakeholders throughout the state.
Over 150 PR placements, including local regional and national stories, garnering over 24 million impressions.