American Heart Association Life is Why

Breathing new life into the American Heart Association brand.


For years, the American Heart Association relied on science-based messaging to convince consumers to live heart-healthy. As such, their brand lacked any emotional connection with consumers. Our primary research showed people don’t want another organization telling them to eat their vegetables and walk around the block. The solution: create a campaign based on a simple human truth. We are inspired to be healthy by the people and experiences we love. Bottom line, everyone has a reason to live a longer, healthier life.



The Life is Why rebrand fundamentally changed the way audiences thought about their health—and the role the AHA played in their lives. The power of the campaign can be seen in its personalization. The campaign inspired consumers to share their reason for living healthier. Since inception, the campaign saw 17.9 million online engagements and compelled 309,000 people to share their ‘why’ on social media.