Marriott and Visa: Always Going. Always Growing.

Connecting big brands with small business owners and entrepreneurs


Both Marriott and Visa offer a multitude of services and products to small businesses around the world, and they seized an opportunity to co-sponsor part of the Inc. 5000 Gala—providing them with exclusive access to small business owners and a unique forum to share their program benefits.

Inspired by the mistakes, the risks, and the unexpected hurdles that each small business owner faces, Planit developed the “Always Going Always Growing” campaign theme for the Inc. 5000 event to celebrate small businesses in an emotionally authentic way—positioning Marriott and Visa as brands that understand and appreciate an entrepreneurial spirit. To generate excitement in the weeks leading up to the event, the campaign launched online and in Inc. Magazine, driving people to a microsite that provided rich content like videos and interactive quizzes to help users grow their businesses. By providing valuable content as well as a sweepstakes entry form, we were able to keep Marriott and Visa top of mind and engage with small business owners before, during, and after the event.


Pre-conference email had a 54% open rate, almost 25% higher than average for this type of email. Strong booth activation with over 600 sweepstakes entries and over 200 guests at the sponsored cocktail party.